Recertified by Alexandria Customs: Our Guarantee

What is Recertified by Alexandria Customs?

We're proud to offer competitive pricing through our Recertification program, without sacrificing peace-of-mind!

This certification means the product is either classified open box or refurbished. It may have been sourced from a wholesale lot, auction, local deal, or a customer trade-in. It may have been received faulty and then repaired in our shop.

We thoroughly recertify every product in our store to ensure it works like-new.

The physical condition of each product will vary and may include some scuffs and scratches. We encourage you to visually inspect the product and see for yourself whether you are satisfied with its condition.


Our Recertification Process: 

  • Full visual and functional inspection
  • Diagnose and repair (if applicable)
  • Full data wipe and reformat (if applicable)
  • Storage and RAM upgrade (if applicable)
  • Deep clean and physical restoration
  • Fresh thermal paste (if applicable)
  • Removal of dreaded OEM bloatware
  • Full optimization and removal of unnecessary background apps
  • Stress testing for temperature, stability, and battery health
  • Performance benchmarking and product listing


All products Recertified by Alexandria Customs are protected for 60 days by our Bull-sh*t Free Guarantee! And are eligible for extended coverage of up to 5 Years.

 Learn more about our Bullsh*t-Free Guarantee