Build Your Dream PC With Us

We're a team of specialist PC builders in Alexandria Ontario with the skills and experience to build your dream PC - exactly how you want.

  • Fallout Custom PC

    This gamer loves Fallout so much, they asked us for a working Pipboy inside their PC.

  • Dark Elf Custom PC

    Built for a local digital artist & lover of elves.

  • HYPER-2 Custom PC

    We built this beast to showcase at CAPE 2023. The buyer now uses it to run advanced AI computations at home.

  • Star Wars Custom PC

    Built for a local PC gamer and aspiring Sith Lord.

  • Crystal Palace Custom PC

    The owner cried when her mom surprised her with this beautiful PC, swarming with crystals!

  • Anime Custom PC

    We used a mini HDMI display and rich illuminated panels to showcase this PC gamer's favourite anime.

  • Galarian Ponyta Custom PC

    Built for a local girl-gamer and Pokémon lover.

  • GUNDAM Custom PC

    Hardline water cooling in an exotic case. Built for a local gamer and Mech combat enthusiast.

  • Dragon Lair Custom PC

    You will find glistening treasure and a menacing dragon inside this Threadripper PC.

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What we can do:

  • Component recommendations and selection assistance
  • Elaborate custom themes and aesthetic
  • Custom loop liquid cooling (hard & soft tube)
  • Advanced RGB setups
  • Custom LCD screens & hardware monitors
  • 3D printing & props
  • Case and component painting
  • Laser Engraving
  • So, so, so much more!

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We require a $1000 deposit before we get to work on your specialized PC. This will go in full towards your new PC upon completion. You're more than welcome to email us or call us if you would like to fill us in and get to know us!

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