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Bullsh*t-Free PC Guarantee

Every computer purchased at Alexandria Customs includes a 60-day Bullsh*t-Free Guarantee that protects you from any defects, malfunctions, and all other forms of Bullsh*t conceivable by mankind that stops you from absolutely loving your new PC. Plus enjoy some juicy perks like free PC maintenance and deep cleaning!

Guarantee Pricing:

60 Days - Included

1 Year Extended - $99.99

5 Years Extended - $249.99

Included With The Guarantee:

  • Covers any defects caused by unexpected parts or component failure including CPU, GPU, Motherboard, Power Supply, Fans, Storage, Screen, Battery, etc... We will repair or replace components as necessary to return your PC to working condition.

  • Also covers any peripherals or accessories purchased on the same day as the computer

  • Covers any operating system instability or malfunction that occurs through ordinary use of the computer

  • Includes ongoing PC tech support in-store, online, and over-the-phone during business hours

  • Includes ongoing PC and component cleaning, maintenance, and repair services in-store

NOT Covered Under The Guarantee:

  • Any defects caused by overclocking or other potentially harmful alterations done by the user

  • Any defects, damages, or malfunctions following modifications, upgrades, or other work done by the user

  • Any defects, damages, or malfunctions caused by user misuse, abuse, negligence, liquid spills, or physical damage of any kind

  • Housecalls and PC transportation are not covered under the guarantee

*ONE computer covered per Guarantee. To extend coverage on multiple computers, please add additional Guarantees to your cart

**In the event that it would not be practical or possible to repair or replace your device or one of its components which would otherwise be covered by the extended guarantee, we may opt to cancel and refund your guarantee purchase amount in full as an alternative solution

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