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Bullsh*t-Free Guarantee

Every computer purchased at Alexandria Customs includes a 60-day Bullsh*t-Free Guarantee that protects you from any defects, malfunctions, and all other forms of Bullsh*t conceivable by mankind that stops you from absolutely loving your new PC. Plus enjoy some juicy perks like free PC maintenance and deep cleaning!

Guarantee Pricing:

60 Days - Included

1 Year Extended - $99.99

5 Years Extended - $249.99

Included With The Guarantee:

  • Covers any defects caused by unexpected parts or component failure including CPU, GPU, Motherboard, Power Supply, Fans, Storage, Screen, Battery, etc...

  • Also covers any peripherals or accessories purchased on the same day as the computer

  • Covers any operating system instability or malfunction that occurs through ordinary use of the computer

  • Includes ongoing PC tech support in-store, online, and over-the-phone during business hours

  • Includes ongoing PC and component cleaning, maintenance, and repair services in-store

NOT Covered Under The Guarantee:

  • Any defects caused by overclocking or other potentially harmful alterations done by the user

  • Any defects, damages, or malfunctions following modifications, upgrades, or other work done by the user

  • Any defects, damages, or malfunctions caused by user misuse, abuse, negligence, liquid spills, or physical damage of any kind

  • Housecalls and PC transportation are not covered under the guarantee

*ONE computer covered per Guarantee. To extend coverage on multiple computers, please add additional Guarantees to your cart

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